The Right Leather Crafting Supplies Make Great Leather Projects

Leather Crafting is one of the oldest crafts of human civilization. Leather pieces found from as early as 1300 BC are signs of the early existence of this wonderful craft. With the limited availability of leather tools back then, you could simply imagine the difficulty of creating bags, belts, wallets, and collars from a simple piece of leather. The finished product still looks good, and the functionality is just perfect. Nowadays, leather crafting has gone to its best. Over the years, the number of leather tools has multiplied. The variety of the tools has increased as well due to the discovery of new ways to transform leather not just into a thing of function but a thing of beauty as well.

One way of transforming leather into a beautiful work of art is through leather carving. It is accomplished by carving a design on to moist vegetable tanned leather using a set of leather tools. The choice of which tool to use depends on the effect you want on your design. When carving a beautiful design on leather, you need to imagine the three-dimensional effect of your art. The design should come to life using different depths, shadowing effect through the proper choice and proper use of leather working tools.

Here are some of the basic leather craft supplies: the rotary cutter, polymer mallet, ballpoint stylus and the adjustable swivel knife. Before you can start working on your leather carve project, first select a design you want on your leather. Moisten your vegetable tanned leather but make sure that it is not soggy. Using a pencil, trace the design on tracing paper. To transfer the outline to your leather, you will have to place the tracing paper on the leather then use a ballpoint stylus to retrace the design. Make sure that the design is obvious in the leather.