Finding Easy Crochet Patterns is Very Simple

Whether you are just learning to crochet or you are a veteran, everyone likes to have easy crochet patterns that they can complete very quickly. When a beginner uses an easy pattern and does not have any problems completing a project, this provides an incentive to do more and more projects and to graduate to more difficult ones with intricate stitching details. One of the easiest patterns to crochet is that of an afghan made of Granny Squares. There are two basic stitches in this pattern and you can make it as large or as small as you wish.

You need to use weight worsted wool and a Size G crochet hook. You can have all the same color or you can use contrasting colors so that you have all different colored squares in the afghan. Many people who do a lot of crocheting use this type of project to use up all the extra pieces of wool that they have lying around.

To get started making a Granny Square, you make a loop with an end of the wool. Insert the needle through the loop to pull the wool through. This makes a chain stitch and you need to make eight of these stitches. Then you join the loop that you have on the needle to the beginning loop to make a circle. To do this, simply insert the needle through the knot at the end and wrap the wool over the needle pulling it through. From now on your work within the circle that you just made.