Crochet 101

I’m sure I’m not the only person who remembers spending summers with their grandparents and watching grandma crochet while watching the evening news. I’m also sure I’m not the only one who was fascinated by how she could take a ball of yarn and turn it into a blanket or a pair of socks. Years later, I picked up the hook myself and began teaching myself how to crochet. I may not be as good as grandma was, but I feel confident I’m good enough at it to pass my knowledge onto you.

Let’s start with buying your tools. If you’re brand new to the crochet world then it may be your first instinct to run to the nearest craft store and buy the best of everything even though you really don’t have a clue where to start. If you’re brand new to crochet, I recommend starting out basic. Several craft stores offer kits that come with small instruction books on how to make certain crochet crafts as well as several different sized crochet hooks and maybe even a stitch counter and a tape measure. I highly recommend starting out with one of these kits. The tools may be basic but they are perfectly suited for a beginner.